Friday, July 30, 2010

The soccer game

Today I played soccer at the park With Grace, Joey and Tish.

It was us against the other team I fell down and scraped my

knee. So, we lost the game. After that this old man who lives

alone right next to the park in a big old house with three

doberman pincher dogs. He's a very nice old man.

So, I limped over to his spooky front door to ask him for some

help. He let me in and told me to take my shoes off at the front door.

So, I did I took my shoes off and walked barefoot into his big dark house.

shaking with fear and sweat. Then, he yelled to me I'm in the sitting room upstairs. I find the

stairs in the dark until at last I find the stairs and go up. Saying excuse me Mister I just want a

drink of water. But, he says No, you need much more than that little one. he gives me a towel and says to dry my hair. And then he tells me to go take a shower so, I do and thenwhen I get out he gives me a big old t shirtthen he says to come sit on the couch beside him so I do. Then I wake up when its dark. Laying on his chest as we watch tv. with one of his dogs licking my feet.

I see that I had been drooling on his chest in my sleep. Then i wake him and say mister wake up can I get my clothes please. He says yes and then goes and gets them from his clothesline. I get dressed and find that all of my wounds have healed. Then I say thank you mister and walk on homein the dark.

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