Thursday, June 9, 2011

On vacation

Ahh life is good down here in south carolina or as the locals call it Chuck town. First we went

into historic down town Charleston and I walked along the catwalk on the waterfront of Battery


I pushed my nephew on the swing and pushed him on the merry-go-round and rode down

the big slide with him.

the next day we went to the beach and the waves where jumping up high. I got to surf. Then we

barbecued some chicken and the chicken out here is so big not like in the midwest. They must

have put some hormones in that chicken because it's so big.

And then we went to get some birthday cake jelotto. And then we deicided to get some

macdonalds and so me did.

This is so much fun.:)

1 comment:

  1. Hey, lil princess.. glad ur havin fun, chillin
    with Saran, and stuff like that...

    I hope ya like the heat, I think it's better than 20 below, ya don't need to shovel heat..

    *kisses and hugs* be good, I'll catch ya later..