Monday, May 7, 2012

THE DREAM 5-7-12

I had a dream this morning about momma. She came to the front doorshe had flowers in her hair and she had lost all of her weight.  Anyway I was kissingand hugging all on herfor half the day. And. then we went out back and planted some watermelons And then went inside to have a succculant lunch of turkey sandwiches.  And then we went outside on a Tandum bike a bicike made for two. And we rode to the forest preserve and rode up the bike trail together. And then we rode to Johns weenie wagon and got a hot doand a chocolate malt and danced to her old favorite singer johnny Mathis on the juke-box. And after that we were tiered so we rode the Tandum bike home. Then we straightened up the house together and then we cooked turkey dinner together. Yes it was a truly Magnificent dream I had... WITH MOMMA :)

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